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KiloVekk provides great results with small changes!

KiloVekk has exactly what it takes for you to lose weight safely. The speed is up to you: You can replace just one meal a day with KiloVekk or all meals for faster results.
Do whatever works for you, and it gives the results you want! With KiloVekk you are never alone on your weightless journey in the forum you can meet new friends and share your experience. We also offer expert advice from our weightless experts, inspiring recipes that make it easy for you to live a normal life and enjoy good food while being slimmer.

KiloVekk Mat-TV


Keep track of how much you're going down, and be encouraged by other members

In the KiloVekk Club pages you can create your own profile, have discussions and track your weight loss.
you can also follow what others members are doing and make new friends. Our lifestyle section you will find inspiring articles on everyday tips on weight loss and simple and effective workout that you can do without a lot of time and money. You also exciting and delicious low-carb recipes for foods that you would also be able to serve others.

So how does it all work ?

KiloVekk forces the body to burn stored energy in your fat reserves instead of using the energy from carbohydrates in the food.
if we deprive the body of carbohydrates, the body goes into a so called: ketosis state, this means that the body will convert fat into usable energy called ketones,
some of the ketones will be used by our body but some will aslo slip through and exit in the form of urine. therefor its inportant to drink plenty of water in combination with KiloVekk
and because KiloVekk is packed with proteins the body wont loose mussle mass only the excesses fat.

KiloVekk comes in a veriaty of great flavours!

Strawberry Heaven
Chocolate Supreme
Tomato and Chilli
Chicken and herbs

What are you waiting for,
Get started today!

Losing weight could not be easier, Join KiloVekk today and say hello to the new you.
This proven technique will get you to your Ideal weight faster than you think!
You got nothing to loose, only your wanted extra weight.

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